I am currently serving as a PostDoc Research Fellow in Mendes Research Group (at UConn Health, University of Connecticut, USA) where I am working on the development of cloud-based computational tools for systems biology.  

Before starting a PostDoc research, I worked as an Assistant Professor in the School of Science and Engineering at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan. In past, I worked as a Lecturer, Research Assistant, Hardware Engineer, and Digital Design Engineer in different organizations based in Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA. 

During my PhD (obtained from the Technical University of Danmark), I worked on a future emerging technology in the domain of Design Automation for Synthetic Biology. One of the objectives of synthetic biology is to replace electronic-based medical devices with the systems-on-cell based on genetic circuits. My contribution in this field was to develop methods, algorithms and tools for the analysis, verification and synthesis of genetic logic circuits. Further details can be seen here.

I obtained my MS studies (Computer Engineering) in Chosun University in South Korea, where I was awarded a full financial support from Korean Global IT Talent program driven by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), South Korea. During my MS studies in Korea, I worked on several different projects during this period including inventing a novel fault-tolerant FPGA architecture of which I now posses one international and two Korean domestic patents. I also worked for a Korean company, Junsung E & R (Energy & Robots) Inc. and developed two commercial softwares for it. 

My bachelor degree is in Electronic Engineering from NED University, Pakistan. During undergrad studies, I served as an Intern and as a Consultant in EONSIL Inc. for 2 years, where I worked on the development of Nand Flash based solid state drives and USB 3.0 MAC layer controller.

I am grateful to Allah Almighty for all these achievements in my life. My motivation of hard-working is inspired from the following quote:

"Even a fool knows that you can not reach the stars, 

but it does not stop a wise-man from trying."
(Harry Anderson)